About us

Founded in August 2015 and based in London, United Kingdom, ActivityFan is a marketplace for people to list and find leisure activities online.

No matter if are you looking for a weekend getaway, a trip for a week or a hobby for a lifetime – ActivityFan has it all.

We find exciting activities around the world and ask providers to list them on our website free of charge. We specialise in one-off experiences, multi-day activities and courses.

The idea behind ActivityFan was born in 2015 when Elina Pedersen tried to find a horse riding experience in Surrey, England. She spent forty-five minutes on Google searching for a stable and something this simple shouldn't take this long.

Very soon Elina decided to quit her C-level City of London job and embark on a journey of making leisure activities readily available to everyone.

Joined by a group of like-minded individuals who together bring years of financial technology and marketing experience to the leisure industry we find world's best activities providers and help them succeed.

We are here to connect you to your next adventure quick and easy.

Elina Pedersen

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrey Vedikhin, ActivityFan
Andrey Vedikhin


Sergey Rudenko, ActivityFan
Sergey Rudenko

Head of R&D

Kate Rutkovskaya

Asia Pacific Business Coordinator

Ivan Evdokimcev, ActivityFan
Ivan Evdokimcev

Software Developer

Pavle Lucic, ActivityFan
Pavle Lucic


Jack Russell Aussie, ActivityFan
Jack Russell Aussie

Chief Bow-wow Officer

Sara Perez, ActivityFan
Sara Perez

Europe Business Development Manager

Barbara Pizir, ActivityFan
Barbara Pizir

Digital Marketing Assistant