Dakota R Whisler

Dakota R Whisler

Dakota is from the United States Virgin Islands and he loves to travel and learn about foreign cultures and languages. He has been living on his own since he was 16, when he moved to Germany by himself. He has lived in The Caribbean, Oregon, Montana, California, Germany, and China. He loves kayaking, hiking, boating, snorkelling, diving, martial arts, language learning, computer science and visiting unique places all around the world. He loves to learn and share his experiences with others.

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St John and St Thomas: Virgin Islands hiking routes

Thursday, August 18, 2016 Hiking and Walking by Dakota R Whisler

“O’win, oko, o’win, oko, o’win, oko” the cadence of the oars digging into the emerald green waters brings a whisper of change across the sea. The beat grows ever faster and faster as their target nears. “O’win, oko, o’win, oko”. There will be a feast this night. “O’win, oko, o’win, oko”. This raid will mark either the end for the Caribs or their foreign invaders who have come to claim these islands. Cries go out to their gods, to the pa’u – the island, the palana – the sea, and to a’talɨ, the cave. Fire shoots out of the side of the giant wooden beast – a galleon, and the chants fade away to jovial music.

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