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Shelley Treadaway

Shelley Treadaway is a freelance writer from Phoenix, Arizona who is currently traveling full time with her husband and two young children Nolan (4) and Griffin (9 months) and based in Barcelona, Spain. Their goal is to travel as much as they can in 365 days!

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter – 7 Must See Cathedrals

Friday, August 26, 2016 Sightseeing and Landmarks by Shelley Treadaway

If you’ve ever had a love affair with Barcelona, know that you aren’t alone. So many across the globe have found themselves within the maze-like streets of Barcelona and fallen in love with the city with a modern personality, but deep roots in the Gothic era. Barcelona is time and time again a perfect marriage between old and new with food that transcends imagination and architecture that continuously takes your breath away around each corner. Even the streets are lined with picturesque apartments that will make you feel like you’ve entered a time machine and have been spit out centuries before your time.

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