Thea Busuttil

Thea Busuttil

Born in Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Thea Busuttil grew up reading about countries that seemed to be in a different world. The feeling that the world offers tantalising adventures to be explored has never faded, neither has her passion for writing, so it seemed natural to meld the two together into travel writing. She has been to various American states on a four-month exchange programme and her favourite places in Europe are Cornwall, Barcelona, Paris and Bologna. She loves to learn about foreign cultures, try different food and seek out adrenaline filled trips.

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Skydiving in Moab, Utah

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Skydiving by Thea Busuttil

When I was seven years old, I promised myself that there were three things in life that I would never do. These solemn oaths were scrawled in spiky, overlarge handwriting in one of my diaries. The list ran like this:

  • Never wear pink
  • Never eat snails
  • Never jump out of a plane

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