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Hiking in Valle de Ricote, Murcia, ActivityFan

Walking Murcia‘Buenos Dias James and Zach! How are you?’ Alejandro’s eyes are shining as his face cracks into a broad smile, as is usual for when he uses English my housemate and I have slowly been teaching him in class. He jumps out of the driver’s seat and slides open the back door to his … Continue reading “Hiking in Valle de Ricote, Murcia”

3 best routes for walking and hiking in Mallorca, ActivityFan

I love hiking and I hope you do too! Since I’ve made it my mission to write about every activity available on Mallorca this post will be about hiking on this amazing island. You may have already noticed that you are spoiled with choice when it comes to leisure activities in Mallorca.

The ultimate guide to cycling in Mallorca, ActivityFan

You might not believe it, but: Cycling is considered to be one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. Do you know why? Well, it’s dead simple: cycling is amazing, it’s easy to do, and it gets you places.

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Discover Barcelona Coastline in a Private Cruise, ActivityFan
Duration 3h
Price from€ 210.00
SUP Excursion - El Cabezo Beach, ActivityFan
Duration 2h
Price from€ 25.00
Teide Quad Trip in Tenerife, ActivityFan
Duration 5h
Price from€ 145.00
Guided Dives - Certified Divers, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 80.00
Coasteering *AKA cliff jumping in palma da mallorca , ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 60.00
Half Day Prestige Sailing - Private Trip, ActivityFan
Duration 4h
Price from€ 850.00
The Best Adventure - Canyoning , ActivityFan
Duration 6h
Price from€ 50.00
Jet Ski Safari Southeast Lanzarote, ActivityFan
Duration 40min
Price from€ 70.00
Scooter Tour + Scuba Diving, ActivityFan
Duration Flexible
Price from€ 65.00
The Best of Priorat Region: Wine, History & Olive Oil, ActivityFan
Duration 10h 30min
Price from€ 178.00
 Volcanic Vineyards in Masdache & Wine Tasting, ActivityFan
Duration 3h
Price from€ 25.00