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In 1997, the founder of Bangkok Walking Adventures, Les, came to Thailand in search of adventure. He is a travel lover and is always in search of that one little gem that is overlooked by most tourists. He finds Thailand fascinating and discovers it has an abundance of such places. Having lived in Bangkok ever since 1997, he has collected hundreds of unusual experiences. And then he decided to chuck in the corporate paycheck, and teams up with dedicated guide professionals, on a mission to provide what nobody else seems to do in the travel business in Bangkok: the off-the-beaten-path tours. That's how Bangkok Walking Adventures was born.

While other tour guides think that you are satisfied with a couple of selfies at all the famous spots, Bangkok Walking Adventures knows that a modern traveller wants more than that. We go out of our way to provide small-sized, personalised tours. Even on our join-in walks, that safely let you dive in at the deep end, experiencing real life in Bangkok's back streets, as well as all the famous places you would like to include.

The same goes for our day trips, where distances are longer but the experiences are still just as fun and exciting. Your guide takes you to all the sites in a comfortable vehicle, and once there you get all the hands-on experience.

So if you are a modern, savvy traveller who likes to return home with great experiences and a story to tell, instead of photos taken from the bus, you should book with us :)

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Address: 59/86 Bang Waek Soi 81, Khlong Kwang Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, 10600, Thailand


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