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Enotenerife is a Tourist Services Company specializing in the wine sector of the island of Tenerife. We are experts in designing trails and tours Enological and Complementary Activities related to the sector of Wine and Gastronomy in Tenerife.

The enotourism or wine tourism or enologic tourism is a new concept born in the world. It is another way of tourism, where the main attraction is visiting wine cellars and wine yards.

Spain is the country of wine, wine cellars and enotourism. If only a few years ago, when talking about Spanish wines, people thought about the Rioja or Ribera del Duero, nowadays the Canary Islands, rich and diverse, are a touristic attraction not only for the traveller looking for sun and beach, but also because it counts on an ample offer of variety of wines and a diverse gastronomy that make our islands a real Eden and a perfect place for enotourism.

Only Tenerife counts on more than a hundred wine cellars. Starting with little and familiar ones, where only one type of wine is produced, to big and modern industrial cellars. Our wines are exported to countries like Canada, USA, Japan or Germany.

The Canary Islands hold about ten Origin Denominations and only Tenerife– with its majestically Teide-holds five.

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