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Escape Bradenton

An escape room is a collaborative, multiplayer game... but in REAL life.

When the door closes and you are in the room you are in a whole new world and need to use clues, puzzles, etc. to get out. You can be in a World War II Era Enemy Bunker, Sherlock Holmes Library, or the lair of a deranged serial killer.

Escape Bradenton has sought out the brightest minds in the entire escape game industry to ensure we are providing an experience like no other in the Tampa Bay area. There is a reason our full name is Escape Bradenton: Man Vs. Room. That is the fun is being able to say you defeated the room! We hope you come give Escape Bradenton a try.

We will be here and you will have a great time!

Contact Details

Address: 465 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, 34207, United States


Opening hours

15:00 - 23:59

15:00 - 23:59

15:00 - 23:59

15:00 - 23:59

15:00 - 23:59

11:00 - 23:59

11:00 - 23:59