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Fishing in Mallorca

We are the only fishing charter specialised on catching Giant Bluefin Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks in the deep waters of Mallorca. Toni Riera is the most experienced Tuna fisherman on the island and an expert Swordfish angler.

The north coast of Mallorca is the only place worldwide that allows catching BFT all year long, due to a subpopulation that feeds on the endless amounts of mackerel there. In addition to this phenomenon, once a year giant BFT's from the Atlantic migrate to the north to reproduce, leaving a spectacle that is impossible to describe but needs to be experienced. Fish exceeding the 500lbs mark is no rarity.

Waiting for the big strike, you can catch live bait and bottom fish, completing a very enjoyable day.

Come with us and experience the truly diverse and intense fishing in Mallorca!

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Address: Port d'Alcudia Alcudia mar, Pantalan Squitx, Majorca, 07400, Spain


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