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Huay Pu Keng Village

Huay Pu Keng village is one of the three original and authentic villages of displaced Kayan (longneck) people from Myanmar. We work with villagers to move away from the 'human zoo' tourism models that have been associated with our people in Thailand. We are working towards sustainability and self-reliance and have started to host workshops which teach self-reliance to increase self-reliance. We have traditional building skills that we would like to share with the world! Our newly developed workshop offer includes: - Bamboo Rubbish Bin (min 2person), 1 day workshop. Cost is 1000 baht/p* - Table (min 2person), 2 day workshop. Cost is 2.200 baht/p* - Chair (min 2person), 4 day workshop. Cost is 3.800 baht/p* - Bamboo House +certificate (min 5 person) 7 day workshop. Cost is 7.200 baht/p* +certificate - Master Building +certificate (min 5 person), 3 week workshop. Cost is 15.000 baht/p* *Includes: transport from Mae Hongson, village entrance (200 baht), boat transfer (20 baht), all meals plus homestay (if multi-day workshop) You will learn to build and construct using only bamboo and natural materials. Our workshops and events will be hosted in our beautiful village located along the Pai River, in the jungles of Mae Hong Son on the Thailand Burma border (about 30 minutes from Mae Hong Son).

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Address: Mu Ree P.O Box.31 Mea Hong Son.58000, Mu Ree P.O Box.31 Mea Hong Son.58000, Mae Hong Son, P.O Box.31, Thailand


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