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The course is ten days with the boxing champions from Rachanon Gym.

The gym welcomes everyone who wishes to learn Muay Thai. First, our champion trainers will evaluate your skills to create a perfect training session to match your level. For beginners, we make sure it's easy for you to follow step by step. For those in intermediate and advance levels, you can enjoy the benefits of learning moves and tricks in a real combat fight, one on one with our exclusive champion as your private trainer.

With our All Inclusive package, you'll not only train twice a day with our champion trainers, but you'll also have your accomodation and 3 meals a day - so you can focus on your Muay Thai 24/7.

Rachanon Gym has been open for over 18 years since 2002. The gym is owned by Vichai Rachanon, who was also a former boxing champion. He won a bronze medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Top fighters from Rachanon Gym include Inseelek and F-16 Rachanon, who won many titles in Thai boxing fights.

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Address: 939/403, Bangkok, 10220, Thailand

Website: http://www.rachanon.com/

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Always open