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Scenic Walking Barcelona

Scenic Walking Barcelona is a company located in Barcelona, established in 2009 by local people who have more than 20 years of experience in hiking and travelling through the five continents. With our local and up-to-date knowledge we have designed the products that will best suit your needs and expectations.

We combine a journey of scenic natural beauty with a package of interesting information presented in an educational manner by a professional mountain guide. The result is highly satisfactory as at the end of the tour as well as pictures, you will have cultural and historical tips difficult to forget.

Our walks are located in a wide range of Natural Parks, some of them less than an hour’s drive from Barcelona, and all easily accessible by both public and private transport.
Discover the perfect Mediterranean balance of mountains and sea. Enjoy discovering the meaning of Barcelona in the world with this icing-on-the cake to your visit to the city.

Our hikes are open to all level of fitness and mountain experience. We are specialists in small groups, couples and families. We can tailor any tour according to the fitness level of the group. We are not in a hurry! Pleasure walking brings happiness!

Our guides are local people with fluent English. They are professionally trained and officially registered. As they love their job, they will guide you safely explaining facts about Barcelona and Catalonia that you will appreciate. You will enjoy learning about some of the history and legends that have made this country so special.

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