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Apart from fun and lots of adrenaline, with our jet-bike you will explore some of Tenerife’s natural virgin sites where wildlife still owns all rights.

Top Jet Ski Tenerife was founded in 2001 as the well known “Jet Ski Safari Tenerife” and re-branded by the original owners in 2016.

With years of experience we provide a custom and personalized Jet Ski Tours in Tenerife to all of our guests.

Drive and experience the adventure. While driving your jet ski in Tenerife, you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous and quite varied coastline consisting of tall cliffs, wild beaches with black sand and several caves.

You will drive the Jet Ski until you get to one of your guide’s favorite snorkeling spot’s, the Palm Mar cave the wild beaches of Los Gigantes or Masca Bay.

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Address: Torre de control 2ª planta, Las Galletas Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38631, Spain


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