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Vinclass Castlexperience, S.L.

In Castlexperience we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of local culture with travellers seeking authentic experiences.

Centuries-old traditions have to do not only with history but also with food and wines that hail from exceptional rural environments.
We focus on all travellers willing to enjoy a break from the city and its crowds and looking to connect with the land in a more personal way. In all of our experiences, you will have the chance to fully enjoy the sites you visit, as well as the best wine and cuisine the region has to offer.

Our experiences are “more than just a tour”. They are a different approach to understand the culture of the region through its food and wine. With us you won't have a traditional tour, we will engage all your senses to experience the best of every place that we will visit.

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Address: Montsió 10, Barcelona, 08002, Spain


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